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How Often To Change Pool Filter

How often to change pool filter- Focus on some factors to decide on a replacement

A filter system plays an essential role in keeping your pool water clean. With proper circulation, this filter helps in preventing debris buildup in your swimming pool. Thus, the filter simplifies the process of maintaining and cleaning a pool. However, the real problem can arise when your filter starts malfunctioning. To prevent this issue, you need to replace your pool filter at the right time. Now, you can raise a question on how often to change pool filter. We have shared a detailed information on the pool filter replacement and frequency of doing it.

Pool filters are of three types- 

Cartridge filter

  • The filter media is a paper-type cartridge 
  • Capable of capturing debris with a size of 10 to 15 microns
  • Needs cleaning at least once or twice every year
  • Waste a minimal amount of water and saves you money spent on chemicals 

Sand filters

  • Capable of filtering particles with dimension ranging from 20 to 40 microns
  • Uses sand for filtering organism and dirt from pool water
  • Needs replacement of the sand every 4 to 7 years

Diatomaceous Earth filters

  • Collects debris and particles that are 2 to 5 microns in size
  • Needs thorough cleaning for the best performance
  • Filter grids, coated with D.E. powder, help in passing water and capturing the dirt to a side

Checking the condition of a pool filter

Visual inspection is important to know the need for replacing the filter. We have told you about pool filters of different types. Now, we have illustrated the way of checking them-

1. Cartridge filter-

You need a few easy steps for its inspection-

  • Take the cartridge out of the system and inspect it.
  • Find the broken bands, frayed fabric, and damaged endcaps. Then, you can replace the filter to avoid these issues.

2. D.E filter-

To check out the filter grids of this system, you must know the right steps.

  • For pulling out the filter grid, you have to close your filtration system
  • Inspect the fabric and seams for finding deterioration.

3.Sand filter-

As you need tools to inspect this filter, you may hire professionals to accomplish the task.

Signs indicating that you must replace your filter

1. The problem of water pressure- Indicating the need for replacing the filter

Check out the pressure level of the filter system of your pool. You can find out the water flow or circulation rate. For instance, when you have measured the filter’s pressure, you find its PSI level ranging from 10 to 15 PSI above the standard reading. It signals a type of blockage to the filter.

First of all, check out your pump baskets and skimmer. When they are almost clean, your cartridges are major sources of your problem. Cleaning may not always make a big difference to the PSI level. In that case, your cartridges do not have filtration capacity.

Due to your regular use, debris and dirt reach the deepest level of cartridge fibers. Thus, you cannot penetrate that level for cleaning it. Moreover, you may not find it easy to clean these dirty filters, and hence, it is the best time to replace them with new ones.

2. Cleaning cycles have turned out to be shorter

To make out how often to change pool filter, you have to focus on this factor. You can clean your brand new cartridge filters once every two months. However, when you need to clean them every month, you must replace them without any delay.

We have told you to check PSI at the time of cleaning the PSI. Find the time the system takes to reach its full cleaning capacity. While this PSI is increasing very fast, you may ultimately find a permanent clogging of filters.

3. Quality of your pool water is not high

One of the clear signs of your pool filter problem is water. Keep up a proper balance of your pool water chemicals. You may also check out the clear or sparkling look of your water.

When you have cleaned the cartridge, and it still does not refine the water quality, you must replace it.

4. Endcaps get cracked-

Cracked endcaps indicate aging signs. Improper usage and harsh chemicals may cause cracking issues to endcaps. However, for the high-standard cartridge filters, these endcaps may last long. 

5. Crushed filter cartridge

A collapse of the inner core can cause a failure to the cartridge. This inner core includes a plastic reinforcement cage for sustaining pleats and avoiding collapse. When there is an issue with this setup, you can find a filtering problem. You may find your cartridge looking like a crumpled can.

Moreover, very small cartridges and low-standard ones have frequent issues. As one of the pool owners, you have to invest in the right cartridge to avoid replacement several times.

6. Ripped and tattered fabric

Due to the natural water pressure deterioration, dirt, and chemicals blasting the polyester material can affect the system. Holes in this cartridge material will let dirt back to the pool. Thus, your filtering system cannot work properly.

Micro-tears and fraying signs in a fabric create a furry look. Due to the ripped tiny fibers, you may notice the furriness. Thus, when you have found these signs, you must replace your filter cartridge.

7. Pleats become flattened

While the cartridge material turns out to be saturated with dirt, you can find the deformation of pleats. The pleats become flat and restrict the flow of water. A missing or broken band may cause the flattening problem to the pleat.

The bands adjacent to the filter edge help in preventing the flattening issue. They do not last long, and thus, you do not focus on them to decide on the filter replacement.

FAQ on pool filter system-

1. Can a pool filter prevent water from looking cloudy or murky?

You can find the cloudiness of pool water while water particles are very small, and it is not easy to filter them out. This problem turns up for the release of incompatible chemicals into your pool water. However, high alkalinity, an increased level of calcium, and higher pH level may cause this issue. Cartridge filters, manufactured with polyester material, have tiny pores with an even distribution. Thus, they can trap minerals and chemicals very easily.

2. Does a filter help in solving algae problem permanently?

It is very common to find the growth of algae in a swimming pool. However, the easiest way to deal with this issue is a pool cartridge filter installation. The filer can deposit everything present on the cartridge surface. As phosphates help in growing algae, cartridges prevent them from escaping in your pool water. Continue using the filter for some days, and thus, you can find no algae in your pool.

3. How can I make my cartridge filter more effective?

The most important thing is to read the instructions provided by the filter manufacturer. You may take a soft brush that helps in safe cleaning. Keep up the proper balance of your swimming pool. One of the best tricks for you is to use two sets of pool filters alternately. It will make the filter cartridge work more effectively.

Moreover, you need to track the pressure of the filter canister, and while there is an increasing PSI level, you have to clean the cartridge.

4. How should you clean your filter cartridge?

  • You have to Remove the cartridge from the system properly
  • Wash it’s pleats using the right nozzle of your hose.
  • You need to Make sure that the pleats are free of debris
  • In some cases, there may be several contaminants in your pool. So, you need to soak the component for one hour. Then, use a solution of water and trisodium phosphate and you can find the removal of iron, algae, and calcium carbonate.

 5. Is the filter size very small for the pool?

Some pool owners choose a very small filter, and finally, they find the need to replace it. Although this small one can work rightly, it does not perform best to remove storm debris and algae. We have given you some tips to buy the perfect filter and avoid replacement.

Sand filters- 

Find the brochure information provided by the manufacturer, and then purchase one to two sizes bigger than what is mentioned. When you have an in-ground pool with a capacity of 20,000 gallons, you can buy a 30″ sand filter.

D.E filter- 

For this filter also, you can choose a bigger size. By choosing the right filter, you may minimize the use of pumps and chemicals.

Cartridge filter-

It is a very large filter, and the best rule for you is to find a filter of 100 sqft for 10000 gallons of water.

We have discussed on pool filter systems and their replacements. Go through the details to know how often to change pool filter. You must pay attention to your pool filter condition, as it helps in keeping up healthy water. As you take a bath in a pool, you need to keep its water free of harmful elements and dirt. Thus, you have to choose the filter of the right type and proper size. You will find the optimal performance of your filter.

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